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Distribution Management

Wanting to market medical device and cosmetic products in Brazil? Ceibra can register your products at ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency).

ALL medical device and cosmetic products MUST be REGISTERED at ANVISA.

ANVISA REGISTRATION | The first step to export your product to Brazil.

Ceibra helps medical device and cosmetic manufacturers with a variety of consulting issues at ANVISA.

As specialized ANVISA consultants, we can assist you with reliable quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

In today's economy, big and small businesses are seeking every opportunity to enhance sales through competitive advantages. Ceibra can create them for you.

Ceibra is legally qualified by ANVISA to register and market medical device and cosmetics products.

Having operating permit by ANVISA, Ceibra can register products faster, which means time reduction of the registration process.

There are thousands of Brazilian medical and cosmetic distributors. Ceibra will find and qualify those that best fulfill your needs and expectations.

Ceibra can register your products in Brazil, search and qualify distributors and manage your distributor network.

As holder of the register of the products, Ceibra’s clients can choose from different distributors to different regions in Brazil with the flexibility to keep the best ones.

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